Brian Joubert

Brian Joubert (born September 20, 1984 in Poitiers, France) – French figure skater. Five-time champion France in the individual driving on ice, gold medalist in the 2004 European Championships and World Championships silver medalist in the same year. During the European Championships in 2005, did not defend the championship title and won the silver medal. Vice defended his world title in 2006 at the World Championships in Calgary in 2007, the World Championships in Tokyo and won his first world title. Also won a gold medal at the Grand Prix of 2006. 2006/2007 season is hitherto the best of his career.

Brian Joubert, the son of Jean-Michel and Raymonde Joubert, born in Poitiers in 1984. Seriously ill with 11 months. Doctors were forced to remove his kidney. Figure skating began training under the influence of nuns at age 4 years. He tried to deal with ice hockey, but having six years said that he prefers to jump. The first event was attended by the age of 5.

In 2004, it was loud about his relationship with Miss France, Laetitia Bléger. Model in an interview said that Joubert met with her to hide that he is homosexual. Skater prosecution brought to court. According to the ruling Bléger and store it paid out compensation of 17,000 euros. In the years 2005-2009 and met with the Italian champion Valentina Marchei. There were plans for a joint appearance at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Couple decided to break up in January 2009, it was most likely related to their careers in sports [1].

He was born in the French edition of the “Fort Boyard” (2004, 2007, 2008). It was sponsored by the Foundation for children with Williams syndrome. March 13, 2006 issued biography Joubert “Le feu sur la glace” (fr. fire on ice).
Technique and choreography [edit]

Brian Joubert is known for its spontaneity, interesting and exciting choreography and performance of certain elements, especially jumping. Belong to the famous quadruple jumps: Salchow and Toeloop. For the history of the program for any of the 2006/07 season, she pursued three quadruple jumps. Often emphasizes that it is very important to him, the new system does not guarantee better ratings for them, but the evidence presented about the level of the skater. For the elite soloists include, inter alia, 4-2 thanks to a combination of jumps (eg, quad-double Toeloop Toeloop). Jumping it also manifests itself in an extremely strong, strong and expressive as a triple Lutz jumps and death-drop (jump to piruetu by Axl). In turn, spontaneity is especially rich in hard figures and elements of the sequence of steps.

The weak side is definitely pirouettes, for which he often criticizes. To cooperate with Lucinda Ruth in 2005/06 season, aimed at overcoming the shortcomings skater. Often the cause of Joubert was also losing confidence. During the 2009 World Championships in Los Angeles, included some of the biggest failures skater, was on the verge of winning. Before the performance emphasized that he intends to win, and give him a wealth of items from the famous. After the program ran short. During the program, any committed two errors, including one seriously, in a relatively easy double Axlu for themselves. In this way, it not only missed out on gold and silver.

Joubert is a charismatic and visionary. Both the programs and any mandatory compelling. Stand out among others, presented at the competition through music, a combination, speed and sophisticated elements. Used as a primer known soundtracks, sometimes from movies (eg The Matrix, Requiem for a Dream) and a typical club tracks. Joubert likes to change his mind about the choreography. History is known of the European Championships in 2009. Then, for 2 weeks before the competition, decided to use different music in the short program, and thus, the choreography.

Time Trainer
to October 2003, France Véronique Guyon
October 2003 – January 2005 France Laurent Depouilly
January 2005 – June 2005 France Véronique Guyon
June 2005 – July 2006 Russia Andrei Berezintsev
September 2006 – March 2009 France Jean-Christophe Simond
April 2009 … France Laurent Depouilly

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